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Policy Report
In 2005, IGES launched the consultation "The Asia-Pacific Consultations on Climate Regime Beyond 2012" to promote new and constructive thinking in the Asia-Pacific region on future actions against climate change beyond 2012, and to contribute to the shaping of a future climate regime that adequately reflects the concerns and developmental...
Policy Report
Urban environmental management is a challenge faced by many cities in Asia. At the same time, developing cities in Asia confront a number of other issues as well. While on the one hand some cities are enjoying the benefits of rapid economic growth, many of these cities are also experiencing a huge influx of poor from the surrounding areas, and some...
Discussion Paper
This paper examines the process to lead the adoption of the EU directive on establishing a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community, in order to identify the reasons for Germany to agree on the adoption, despite of the expected friction caused by the shift from its existing national measures, especially voluntary...
PR, Newsletter or Other
IGES has been announcing the top news on the environment in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1998 in order to collect and organise information about environmental issues and policy trends in this region, and to report on how this region addresses environmental problems and how it works to create a sustainable society. For this year' s top...
Policy Report
-Executive Summary -Comparison of Options Available to Japan for Acquiring Emission Certificates 1.Current situation in Japan 2.Options -pros and cons 3.Conclusion -Comparative evaluation of options -Background Paper 1: Current Japanese Climate Policy from the Perspective of Using the Kyoto Mechanisms 1.Introduction 2.Climate policy development in...
Commissioned Report
Remarks:In collaboration with Wuppertal Institute & commissioned by MoEJH16年度環境省委託事業(協力:ヴッパータール気候・環境・エネルギー研究所)
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Local perspectives in protected area management

In The State of Environment in Asia
Discussion Paper
Focusing on 278 listed corporations in Japan, the present study tests the hypothesis that robust environmental conservation activities have a positive effect on their financial performance. It also examines the role played by the environmental policies introduced and strengthened by the government since the end of the 1990s. By a statistical...