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Issue Brief
Executive Summary: The purpose of this issue brief is to provide an overview of the latest movement of the emissions trading scheme (ETS), with a focus on the three key Asian carbon markets in Tokyo, China (esp. the pilots) and the Republic of Korea (hereinafter abbreviated as Korea). The key findings are as follows: - As of 2017, the global share...
Issue Brief
This issue brief presents a brief overview of the current follow-up and review mechanisms of the Sustainable Development Goals. It then draws attention to five possible pitfalls to effective review and proposes possible ways forward in addressing these pitfalls.
Issue Brief
KEY MESSAGES • groundwater is a key resource for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 — but is still weakly conceptualised in the SDG Indicators • there is a strong case for defining new ‘groundwater resource status indicators’ for SDG Targets 6.3, 6.4 and 6.6, because groundwater resources are integral to these but not...
Issue Brief
The basic idea behind EPR is that: the burden of responsibility for the end-of-life treatment of products placed onto the market should be taken by the producers. EPR is usually conceived as a comprehensive policy package, combining various instruments to simultaneously achieve three distinct objectives: - Improved waste management and resource...
Issue Brief
Efficient use of materials is becoming a major policy concern for rapidly emerging economies due to the risk of resource crises and price hikes in resources. A “phased approach” would promote a resource-efficient global economy as different countries face different challenges in the management of waste and materials. Such programs should be country...
Issue Brief
This brief, which addresses issues surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by Columbia, Guatemala, and Peru during the Rio+20 processes, aims to remind policymakers and other stakeholders of the importance of reaching a solid outcome at Rio+20, as well as for the future. It provides a summary of ongoing discussions and...
Issue Brief
As a contribution to the Rio+20 process this Issue Brief highlights resilience and sustainable development by drawing on the knowledge on natural hazards and disasters gained from governments, researchers and other stakeholders. The terms resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity are used daily, but take on specific definitions and functions...