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Conference Proceeding
International Workshop on Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Asia
It has been widely regarded that policies that are adaptive in nature are better able to deal with dynamic and uncertain issues such as environmental degradation and climate change adaptation. However, verifying the veracity of this hypothesis is difficult in the field of climate change often due to absence of long experience of policy making for...
Conference Proceeding
4th International Conference on Climate Change
R. Kotru, ICIMOD
D. Mohan, TERI
N. Heider, BCAS
The study on adaptation effectiveness indicators has been carried out by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with national partners such as BCAS, ICIMOD and TERI in the Gangetic basin with the Strategic Environment Research fund of the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan (S8). The study follows the...

Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation

Adaptation Futures: 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation, Arizona, USA
This presentation summarizes the research findings from APN project on strengthening capacity for policy research on mainstreaming adaptation to climate change and provides lessons for the consideration of Rio+20.

Opinions and Science in Bottom Up Approaches: Some insights from survey research

Adaptation Futures: 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation, Arizona, USA
Deriving messages from several survey related research carried by the author, this presentation talks about the cautions to be taking while conducting community based rural appraisal techniques and how this bottom up information and messages are carried forward to policy applications.
Book Chapter
In Climate Change and Food Security in West Asia and North Africa
The West Asia and North African (WANA) countries are projected to undergo a range of climate change impacts that can put even greater pressure on the already over utilized water and land resources in the region calling for an urgent intervention for climate change risk reduction in these countries. Though WANA appears to be a rich region from the...
Policy Report
Research Report
A. Arpah, UUM
C. Claudio, EIA
H.V.Hung, HAU
There is a growing consensus among development community that the risk insurance can provide an effective risk management tool for climatic and non-climatic disasters. Several risk insurance initiatives have been implemented at grassroots level for reducing the vulnerability of communities to disasters in most of the countries in Asia and the...
Policy Report
APAN-IGES Research Report
Prof. Dr. Kang Kroesna, RUA
Pilot training programs were conducted in Cambodia for province and sub-province level government officers of the agriculture department to test the effectiveness of draft training modules on climate change adaptation. The pilot tested training modules include ‘Agriculture extension staffs at provincial level’ and ‘District and commune officers’...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In Business i. ENECO
Rural Asia has largely been outside the wealth created from the recent economic growth in Asia due to the failure of wealth redistribution policies in the region. The poor purchasing power and lack of proper human resources have made the corporate sector to ignore the rural Asia for decades. This paper claims that there is a greater potential for...
Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2012
This session has addressed four important questions underlying the public participation and promoting fairness. They include: How adaptation decisions are made? Are the typical processes by which adaptation is governed fair? Is participation and representation of vulnerable groups sufficient? Are rights to adaptation being respected and access to...