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MRV at Project Level

MRV Stakeholder Meeting in Phitsanulok, Thailand
Policy Report
Kitakyushu Initiative Research

Human excreta and domestic wastewater are predominantly treated by primary onsite treatment systems in Thailand. Technically, accumulated fecal sludge and effluent from those primary treatment systems must be properly further treated. In response to the King’s concern on the unhygienic practices on nightsoil management, Nonthaburi municipality...

Conference Proceeding
Kitakyushu Initiative Workshop

Urbanization, population growth and economic development are considered the main driving forces of solid waste management (SWM) issues in Asia and the Pacific region. These factors all together influence consumption rates that lead to accelerate waste generation and change waste components. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission in...


Economic analysis of composting, through Surabaya's case: Application in Bangkok

Workshop on utilization of organic waste, 6 November 2008
Commissioned Report

平成20年度 北九州イニシアティブ活用事業 業務委託(タイ・バンコク)報告書

Commission Work by Kitakyushu City