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This dataset contains supplementary material for the journal paper by Johnson et al. (2017). In the paper, OpenStreetMap crowdsourced data was used in combination with different types of satellite imagery to identify and map land cover changes in the Laguna de Bay area of the Philippines. The dataset provides the training data (derived from the...
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Nadia Bergamini
William Dunbar
Pablo Eyzaguirre
Kaoru Ichikawa
Dunja Mijatovic
Yasuyuki Morimoto
Nick Remple
Diana Salvemini
Wataru Suzuki
Ronni Vernooy
The indicators measure elements of SEPLS resilience that are, almost by definition, strongly interrelated. The practices and institutions that they describe can be grouped in five areas: • Landscape/seascape diversity and ecosystem protection • Biodiversity (including agricultural biodiversity) • Knowledge and innovation • Governance and social...
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MACANDOG Paula Beatrice M.
We analyzed the change in vegetated and urban (impervious) area in the Silang-Santa Rosa sub-watershed of the Philippines to assess the implications related to flood risk. Our main findings were: -The impervious area of sub-watershed increased by 54% (from 3,239 ha. to 4,988 ha.). -The vegetated area decreased by 21% (from 8,509 ha. to 6,760 ha)....
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This dataset can be used by researchers to test different land use/land cover mapping methods using crowdsourced geographic data and Landsat satellite imagery. The study area is the Laguna de Bay area of the Philippines, and the satellite data is from 2014-2015. This dataset will also be available on the "UCI Machine Learning Repository" (https:/...
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Methodology and Guidelines for Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of Natural Resource-based Communities for Climate Change Adaptation
Adaptation to climate change has emerged as an important developmental concern for India. Adaptation finances are on the rise continuously, both from global and national sources. Therefore it is essential that the agencies engaged in the planning and execution of adaptation projects and programs have a set of tools made available for successful...
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IGES Remote Sensing Toolbox
This is an ArcGIS 10.x toolbox that includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools for vegetation analysis (creating Vegetation Indices and Fractional Vegetation Cover maps) and image pansharpening. It can be used for processing and analysis of Landsat 8 or other satellite imagery. The toolbox is designed for GIS and Remote Sensing...
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The REDD+ Online Database provides REDD+ Project Profiles, a REDD+ Project matrix, National REDD+ Reports and International REDD+ Event Briefs. The Project Profiles are created using publicly available documents, and key elements are presented in the REDD+ Project Matrix for easy look up and comparison. The database will be periodically extended...