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Training or Learning Material
Waste management is designated as one of the national flagship programme of Bhutan to address its growing waste management challenges, including aligning behaviours of different stakeholders based upon the common vision and goals shared among the society. Promotion of environmental education targeting young generation has also been positioned as...
Policy Brief
Climate smart agriculture (CSA) consists of more than 70 technological and behavioural changes that can help farmers mitigate and build resilience to climate change while generating sustainable yields. Despite this wealth of alternatives, CSA has not been adopted at large enough scales to realise its considerable promise. Studies explaining the...
These slides were used for a video commentary on the main takeaways of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA75), which was held virtually for the first time in the history of the UN in 2020. There are two versions of the video commentary available (short and extended) and they provide insight into the five crises of focus...

欧州グリーンディール政策/サーキュ ラーエコノミー ~ 主要論点と世界に与える影響について~

2020年3月に発表された新循環経済行動計画や企業対応を中心とした最近のサーキュラーエコノミーに関する国際動向 (一般社団法人日本ゴム工業協会会合での講演)
PR, Newsletter or Other
本パンフレットは、IGES-KRCがインドのエネルギー資源研究所(TERI)と共同で2016年度に設立しインドで運営をおこなっている日本-インド技術マッチメイキングプラットフォーム(Japan-India Technology Matchmaking Platform: JITMAP)について広く発信し、認知度の向上並びに新たな参加主体の拡大等を目的として作成した。 JITMAPは、技術の供給側である日本企業および需給側であるインド企業間のビジネスマッチメイキングを支援することにより、インドにおける日本の低炭素技術移転を促進するためのマルチステークホルダープラットフォームである。
PR, Newsletter or Other
In order to properly coordinate their efforts and facilitate technology transfer, IGES-TERI launched the ʻJapan-India Technology Matchmaking Platformʼ (JITMAP) in July 2016 as part of the project on evaluation and verification of CO2 emissions reduction technologies (TA project) funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ). JITMAP is a...
Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Productivity Talk
While COVID-19 has caused tremendous socioeconomic loss and suffering, it has also opened opportunities for an environmentally sustainable future. This APO Talk with Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Research Leader Dr. Eric Zusman, Programme Director Andre Mader, and Communications Coordinator Matthew Hengesbaugh suggests that...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
ASEAN Member States have proactively taken measures to address the issue of climate change at the national and regional levels. However, some developing Member States have been facing challenges in meeting their transparency reporting requirements due to capacity constraints. Recognising these capacity gaps and the urgent needs for transformation...
Commentary (Op. Ed)
本記事では、新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)からの「グリーン・リカバリー(緑の復興)」について、欧州連合の取り組み(欧州グリーンディール)を紹介し、日本での緑の復興の可能性や課題について述べている。 本記事は、聖教新聞に2020年9月30日に掲載された。
Data or Tool
The List of Grid Emission Factors aims to provide information to be utilized for research and analysis regarding emissions from electricity generation. A "grid emission factor" refers to a CO2 emission factor (tCO2/MWh) which will be associated with each unit of electricity provided by an electricity system. It is a parameter to determine the...