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Sustainability Roundtable, Temple University, Japan

This presentation explains the basic elements of President Biden's climate policies, and comments on the level of their ambition as well as their political feasibility.

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This educational video aims to raise awareness and provide school children and local people living on and around Tonle Sap Lake with a better understanding on how to protect their health through simple actions such as proper handwashing with soap, and describes how to treat water for daily use (e.g. cooking, drinking, washing raw food, and bathing)...

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① 生産国の現地情報収集事業


② 追加的措置の先進事例収集事業


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本ブリーフィングノートは、バイデン政権の気候政策の見通しについて考察するものである。 バイデン政権の就任1か月間の気候政策に含まれている主要な要素と、そこに含まれていないものについて分析した上で、これらの政策が今後、どのように採択され、実施されていくかについて検討する。具体的には、バイデン大統領の気候政策立案プロセスの主要人物と組織構造、初期の主要な優先事項と戦略、そして国境炭素調整措置など、国内外のいくつかの特定分野における今後の政策の方向性について論ずる。そこでは、大統領令や規制、法律の違いを説明するとともに、気候政策と雇用や経済全体との強い関連に言及する。そして、通常は気候関連の議論の対象にならないが、気候対策を実施する上で重要な、省庁や関連する諸機関について考察する。

Briefing Note

This briefing note considers the prospects for the Biden administration’s climate policy. It surveys the main elements of the Biden administration’s climate policies in his first month in office, as well as what is not included, and it speculates on the potential for these policies to be adopted and implemented. Key personnel and the overall...

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IGES JCM Database provides detailed information on the JCM MRV methodologies, projects, feasibility studies, and decision-making processes. The JCM is implemented by the Government of Japan with 17 partner countries; Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Palau, Cambodia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia...

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Tonle Sap Lake is the largest flood-pulsed freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, supporting the livelihoods of millions of people living on and around the lake. However, recent changes in the lake water environment due to deterioration of water quality and decline in biological resources have caused various problems to local people living in floating...

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