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Pollution caused by the irresponsible disposal of plastics is a significant issue, particularly in developing countries like Sri Lanka. It is estimated that only 9% of all plastics ever produced globally have been recycled. However, not all plastics are equal in this equation, PET, in particular, stands out, given that they are 100% recyclable. Sri...

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This Note discusses some of the unique characteristics of SIDS which put them at the crossroads of survival and reviews the challenges they have in facing climate change and what needs to be done to ensure they can face the future with confidence. 

Non Peer-reviewed Article
In Green Power

COVID‒19 の世界的大流行により、かつ てない規模のパンデミックを管理するための各 国の準備態勢が試されることとなった。①今回のパンデミックは、ある国への影響が 国境を越えて他の国にも波及していることか ら、国境を越えたリスクの形となった。②パンデミックの影響が人間の健康にとどま らず、政府や機関が様々な対策を講じた結果、人々の生活や各国の経済にまで影響を及ぼした
ことから、COVID‒19 はシステミックリス クとしても浮上した(図1)。③パンデミックは、洪水や台風などの他の自 然災害と相互に影響し合い、複合災害の様相を 呈している。将来のパ ンデミックを効果的に軽減・管理するためのリ スク管理戦略を早急に改善する必要性が浮き彫 りとなった。国や地域のリスク管理戦略を強化し...

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This article was originally published in KOSMOS 7 (2020), a publication of the Expo '90 Foundation.
This article discusses the need to redesign society to realise transformative change and to reconsider the relationship between humans and nature, which is considered to be a root cause of the pandemic of COVID-19. The Triple R Framework proposed by...

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ASEAN Member States have proactively taken measures to address the issue of climate change at the national and regional levels. However, some developing Member States have been facing challenges in meeting their transparency reporting requirements due to capacity constraints. Recognising these capacity gaps and the urgent needs for transformation...

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In Gastronomica

This short article offers a vignette of experiences with food and COVID-19 in Zushi City, Japan early in the pandemic to shed light on the vulnerabilities of the country’s food system. It illustrates how national policies to control the spread of infection affected consumer behavior on the ground and raises larger questions about the sustainability...

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In The Young Leaders in Sustainable Transport

This report was produced by Hirotaka Koike, a participant of the Young Leaders in Sustainable Transport in 2019.

Advocacy must help convince key players, such as development agencies, NGOs, all levels of government, and the private sector, that sustainable transport has the true potential to change the current development trajectory. However, a...

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オンラインメディアで、女性から始めるダイバーシティをキーワードに、働き方やダイバーシティ、ジェンダー平等などを扱う記事などを載せているMASHING UPからの依頼に基づき、IGESでは、SDGs & Meという連載を展開しています。