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Commentary (Op. Ed)

This year's biggest climate change pilgrimage, the UNFCCC COP26 , concluded with several decisions, including the “Glasgow Climate Pact ”, and other announcements on the sidelines. These came after two weeks of long discussions and heated negotiations amid youth-led mass protests outside the COP venue. COP26 ended by disappointing those...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

Commentary on reporting options under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement.

In this paper, we provided a summary of reporting options and its evaluation for the three information items which are required in the initial report and regular information under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement:

1) Timing of submission of the initial report;


Commentary (Op. Ed)
IISD, SDG Knowledge Hub
Story highlights:
  • The Voluntary Local Review (VLR) process is providing a useful tool for subnational levels of government to take on the SDGs.
  • The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies has published two reports to support the growing number of local and regional governments conducting VLRs.
Commentary (Op. Ed)

Story Highlights;

  • The HLPF has struggled to encourage countries to “integrate the three dimensions” of sustainable development, even though interlinkages among the 17 SDGs and their targets have been identified.

  • A clear illustration of different tools, approaches, and conceptual frameworks for better understanding interlinkages...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

- The APFSD has grown into a useful multi-stakeholder platform for sharing experiences and networking around sustainable development.
- It is important to examine whether stakeholder engagement provides meaningful space for the stakeholders and whether it is built on the “minimum requirement” of protecting and respecting human rights.
- Subregional...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

持続可能性(Sustainability)に関連して充足性が議論される場合には、2つの大きな潮流がある。第1は、経済活動を際限なく拡大することへの反省を込めて、充足性が議論される場合である。ブータンの「Gross National Happiness」指標や、タイの「Sufficiency Economy(セータキット・ポーピアン)」の背景となっている。第2は、経済開発と資源利用ないしは環境負荷との「切り離し」に関する場合である。「切り離し」を実現する方法としては、これまで技術改良による効率性の改善が主流であったが、効率性の改善が消費や環境負荷の抑制につながらずに資源の総消費や環境負荷総量を高めてしまう...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

- The deliberations of the Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific provide a guide for what to look for from the Asia Pacific delegates during UNEA4.
- During the Forum: Asia Pacific showed a strong interest in waste management and resource efficiency; the Forum’s discussions on innovation touched on technical, policy, and...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

COP24 was ‘the most important COP since the Paris Agreement”. The aim of this conference was for Parties to agree on rules to operate the Paris Agreement and to reflect the new IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C in the process to check their ambition and speed up actions, so that the Agreement can be optimally operated to mitigate and...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

This commentary summarises the key findings and implications of the study on Lifestyle Carbon Footprints: Long-term targets and case studies of the carbon footprints of household consumption. This study introduces and develops an approach to establishing lifestyle carbon footprints: greenhouse gases directly emitted during and indirectly induced by...