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Our lifestyles, through the impacts of our day-to-day activities such as eating, moving and commuting, heating and cooling our homes, caring, working, and so on, have become major threats to the sustainability of the environment. While continued economic growth and urbanisation in many countries are expected, it is imperative to consider how we...
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In Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review vol. 5: Understanding the Multiple Values associated with Sustainable Use in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)
Barachois is a term used to describe a historical seascape in Mauritius, composed of brackish water lagoons enclosed by stone walls traditionally used for fish farming under French rule before 1800. The description includes the patches of mangroves and coastal woodlands surrounding the lagoons. However, these areas are now mostly abandoned and have...
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In Co-Designing Science in Africa: First steps in assessing the sustainability science approach on the ground
Chapter 2 presents a general overview of the academic landscape of sustainability science research in Africa and summarizes the challenges and knowledge gaps for sustainable development in Africa. The chapter sets out to examine the current trends and patterns of sustainability research and how they can contribute to addressing sustainable...
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In Co-Designing Science in Africa: First steps in assessing the sustainability science approach on the ground
This chapter introduces sustainability science and its approaches (1.1), identifies key challenges for the sustainability science approach (1.2), and describes UNESCO’s contribution to sustainability science (1.3). Within the sustainability science principles and framework, this book addresses some of the questions and challenges posed above...
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In Climate Change and Food Security in West Asia and North Africa
The West Asia and North African (WANA) countries are projected to undergo a range of climate change impacts that can put even greater pressure on the already over utilized water and land resources in the region calling for an urgent intervention for climate change risk reduction in these countries. Though WANA appears to be a rich region from the...
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In Climate Change Adaptation and International Development: Making Development Cooperation More Effective
The objective of Chapter 3 was to present cases from Africa that highlight the local adaptation initiatives in the backdrop of the uniqueness of Africa in terms of its geographical, social, economic, and climate change impacts. This chapter has brought together an useful mixture of case studies of experiences and lessons learned on a variety of...