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SWAPPCon 2017
Upon the invitation by Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP) to make a presentation on behalf of CCAC-IGES for our ongoing project in the Philippines, I made a presentation on the topic "Development of National Action plan for reduction of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP) from Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) in...
Discussion Paper
Discussion Paper
The “FutureCity” initiative promoted an integrated approach and also developed “top runner” municipalities as the best practices on specific common urban issues that can be rolled out across Japan. Major issues were “Energy” (Goal 7) and “Cities” (Goal 11), but not “Poverty” (Goal 1), “Gender equality” (Goal 5), or “Reduced inequalities” (Goal 10)...
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Proceeding of The Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Russ Bona
The benefits of walking have recently inspired considerable research on the relationships between pedestrian choices and numerous built environment factors. These relationships are then elaborated using walkability indices for the meso- the micro-levels. Despite important advances in micro-level research, the walkability concept is based chiefly on...
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Muhammad Luthfi Eko
Following up the Presidential Regulation 61/2011 and 71/2011, Semarang City as one of the cities in Indonesia has a liability in the GHG reduction activities. This research on the low carbon society (LCS) scenario for Semarang City are carried out aiming to contribu-tion to promoting climate change actions and policies in the city. This study is...
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Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation through Changing Urban Lifestyles toward Water and Energy Saving in Da Nang
This presentation examines interlinkages between lifestyles change, water-energy saving practices at household level and GHG mission reduction. A number of good pratices and lesson learned from international case studies have been presented.
Discussion Paper
This paper proposes various elements to be specified in the rule book: “Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines for the Transparency Framework” (MPG) of the Paris Agreement, focusing on mitigation, based on the past experience of the national reports and their reviews/ assessments.The underlying motivation is the concern that the current arrangements...
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ADB Conference on Community-based Disaster Risk Management and Adaptation
Lack of economic opportunity has been identified as one of the important bottlenecks for achieving development and empowerment as a result of which several financial inclusion projects and programs have been introduced globally in the past several decades. These financial inclusion instruments range between providing cash at hand to invest in...
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6th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia (ISESEA)
An increasing number of national and local governments are developing their strategies on sustainable development, due partially to the recent international agreements aiming for a medium and long-term transition toward sustainable societies. These strategies sometimes highlight local/community-scale initiatives as their key drivers to achieve...
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The 7th IWA-ASPIRE CONFERENCE 2017 & Water Malaysia Exhibition 2017
This paper provides the results of baseline study for a better understanding on septage management across all stages of the sanitation service chain in urban areas of Indonesia through case studies in two big cities, namely Bandung and Denpasar. Consequently, it helps to identify opportunities for further improving performance of septage management...