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The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has identified green economy as one of the important tools for achieving sustainable development, which can provide a significant opportunity to the shift to a new global economic paradigm. Mobilising investments at the economy-wide level towards green sectors and to the greening of...

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This study conducted a comparative assessment of 48 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction scenarios for 2030 reported in seven studies published since 2011 and based on bottom-up energy system analyses. This study conducted two sets of analyses. First, the scenarios were categorized into four mitigation effort levels and assessed the value...

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本稿では、現在公表されている18 GWにおよぶ石炭火力発電の新規建設及び更新(以下、設備追加)計画が日本の温暖化対策に関する中期目標(2030年目標)及び長期目標(2050年目標)に与える影響について分析した。加えて、これらの目標の達成に向けて電力業界全体の実効性のある取組が講じられた際の、石炭火力発電設備に対する経済的リスクについて考察した。



Discussion Paper

This report discusses major policy measures implemented by the Japanese government to control BC emissions from both stationary and mobile sources, including: (1) the regulation of soot and dust from stationary facilities; (2) the stepwise development of vehicle emissions standards and fuel quality standards to address diesel emissions; and (3)...

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This paper presents the experience of Kitakyushu City, one of the environmental model cities in Japan, in achieving an efficient and closed-loop management of material resources, reducing the amount of waste produced and to be landfilled. Based on the national legislation, Kitakyushu City has developed its first Basic Plan for Municipal Solid...

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Quality-of-governance standards for carbon emissions trading. Developing REDD+ governance through a multi-stage, multi-level and multi-stakeholder approach - Updated Version -

Tim Cadman
Tek Maraseni

This discussion paper presents the Action Research Project to Develop a National Quality-of-governance Standard for REDD+ and the Forest Sector in Nepal, which was launched by IGES, Griffith University and the University of Southern Queensland in 2011.

The process of developing a voluntary national standard in Nepal through online surveys, key...