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Governing Sustainable Transport in Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis of Provincial NAMAs

Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS)
The presentation showcased research conducted by IGES-IPSS on Indonesia's plans for low-carbon transport. Local level transport actions were contrasted with good practice approaches in literature and variations in provincial performance was discussed.
Peer-reviewed Article
In ECO: The Korean Journal of Environmental Sociology
From North Asia's "airpocalypses" to South Asia's water crisis, the signs that Asia needs to transition to more sustainable development models are as clear as they are compelling. There is also an equally compelling body of literature on how countries can transition to more sustainable development models. However, much of the sustainable...
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The Clean Development Mechanism and International Capital Flows: An Empirical Study on the Factors Contributing to Capital Mobility in CDM Projects

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クリーン開発メカニズムと国際資本の流れ: CDMプロジェクトにおける資本移動に対して寄与する要因に関する実証的研究

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Commissioned Report
In August 2013, Japan and Indonesia agreed to promote the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) to develop large-scale, concrete JCM projects. As part of this, this project studied the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the main energy consumption fields in Surabaya. Target areas included the four sectors of energy, transportation...
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Conference Proceeding
On 11th of March 2014, fourteen participants gathered for a one-day intensive web-based workshop on Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles (SL) in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The workshop was originally intended to be a two-day workshop to be held in Bangkok; however, due to the political situation...