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Peer-reviewed Article
In Energy Policy
In this paper we pointed out a hidden inequality in accounting for trade-related emissions in the presence of border carbon adjustment. Under a domestic carbon pricing policy, producers pay for the carbon costs in exchange for the right to emit. Under border carbon adjustment, however, the exporting country pays for the carbon costs of their...

3R Promotion at local level: Experiences in other Asian countries

Expert Talk on Solid Waste Management in Iskandar, SATREP's project
Conference Paper
The 55th Autumn Conference of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan
A new pansharpening method was developed and applied to Landsat 8’s multispectral image bands. It involves adding two new terms to the commonly-used Fast Intensity-Saturation-Hue (FIHS) algorithm: a trend-based modulation factor, and a band modulation factor. The proposed method was tested on an urban study area in Yokohama, Japan and an...

Home Appliances Recycling Act Under the EPR Concept in Japan: A case study of EPR Application in Japan

The 4th Meeting Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste, Environment Policy Committee, OECD
Presented a case study of EPR application in Japan for the Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste under Environment Policy Committee of OECD.
国際開発学会 第24回全国大会
公益財産法人地球環境戦略機関(IGES)北九州アーバンセンターでは、昨年度よりJICA九州のNAMA/MRV能力強化研修を請け負い、これを2年連続で実施した。本研修は、国としての適切な緩和策(NAMA)の策定と、それによる温室効果ガス排出量削減効果の測定、報告、検証(MRV)能力強化の支援を目的としている。研修期間は3週間で、参加者は各国・都市のNAMA策定担当者や気候変動対策に関わる部署の職員である。本研修では通常の国際協力機構(JICA)招聘の研修員だけでなく、環境省の協力により、IGESが低炭素化施策策定支援をしている自治体職員を追加招聘した。 研修プログラムは、1週目に気候変動国際交渉の変遷や各国のNAMA策定状況等の国や国際レベルでの動向を説明し、2...

Household Hazardous Waste Management: Experiences in Japan and other countries/regions