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Discussion Paper
As Myanmar attracts investment and improves its economic prospects, green growth has moved steadily up the policy agenda. The heightened importance of green growth is visible in high-level political statements as well as policy and institutional reforms that could translate those words into action (i.e. Environmental Conservation Law 2012). Yet...
Conference Paper

Standardized baseline: Technology switch in the rice mill sector of Cambodia

Remarks:Approved by the 76th CDM Executive Board Meeting

Experience and lessons learned in developing standardized baseline - Rice mill sector in Cambodia

Remarks:Regional Training for Asia, the Pacific and Eastern Europe 3 September 2013, Manila

Current status of environmental policies in Myanmar

Presented at 1st Meeting of Low-carbon Myanmar Working Group, 31 July 2013. This is a part of a commissioned work funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.
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Burmese opportunities

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