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Commissioned Report

Based on the study conducted in 8 countries in Asia, this report identifies challenges and barriers in conducting, implementing the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP).

This Technology Needs Assessment Analysis (TNA) Study was commissioned by the United
Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia Pacific...

Policy Report

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has carried out policy research on strengthening capacities for effective implementation of Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and identifying pathways to facilitate mainstreaming of ESC with a specific focus on the roles governments can play in promoting sustainable consumption. An...

Reporting Session for JCM Feasibility Studies in FY2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia February 11th 2016

Feasibility studies were conducted in Bandung Indonesia for two sectors. Energy and Waste.

This feasibility study was conducted in Bandung City to seek ways to reduce GHGs and conduct energy savings. Three types of technologies were considered: efficient water-cooled chillers as a replacement to conventional air-cooled chillers; LED lighting...

Commissioned Report

環境省委託業務 平成26年度アジアの低炭素社会実現のための JCM大規模案件形成可能性調査 -バンドン市・川崎市の都市間連携による低炭素都市形成支援-

Commissioned Report

平成26年度クリーンアジア・イニシアティブ(CAI)推進等業務 概要調査②報告書 インドネシア環境林業省の合併・設立に伴う体制構造に関する概要調査:気候変動対策及び政策研究の機能

Commissioned Report
Ministry of Environment of Japan - Commissioned Report

This draft report documents progress made on the “Low Carbon Technology Transfer Preparedness Database Project”, supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan in FY 2014. The report’s key focus lies on documenting subnational data gaps, sources and access issues whilst also describing contributions made to international processes on data and...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Natural Resources Forum

Over the past three years, Indonesia has tasked provincial governments with defining sub-national actions to help implement the nationally appropriate mitigation action (NAMA) it pledged to the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) in 2009. This paper assesses provincial plans in Indonesia's Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative (SUTI) — a...

Commissioned Report

This is a final report on the project for accelerating Asian regional collaboration on Environmental Impact Assessment, under a lump-sum Ukeoi contract with MOEJ in FY2014. The Project consists of four components: i) In-depth study on policy and implementation of country EIA system in six countries, namely Cambodia, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar...