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Working Paper

Survey Questionnaire: Traditional and Emerging Values and Practices anchoring Sustainable/Low-carbon Development in Asia

Midori, Aoyagi-Usui
Kolopaking, Lala M.
Book Chapter
In Greenhouse Gas Market Report 2011

Over the past decade, Japan has an emerging carbon market,
which was non-existent before the Kyoto protocol. While
there have been discussions regarding cap-and-trade at the
national level, compulsory policies remain extremely controversial
with particularly strong opposition from the industrial
sector. Currently, Japan has decided neither to...

Working Paper

In 2009, President Barack Obama and a majority Democratic 111th Congress came to office in a favorable position to enact federal climate legislation. But less than two years later prospects for passing that legislation dimmed considerably. Most explanations for this turn of events fault 1) institutional rules requiring bills receive a 60-vote supra...

Working Paper

Over the past five years, China has adopted increasingly ambitious reforms aimed at mitigating its greenhouse gases (GHGs). These reforms stand in sharp contrast to the view that China would struggle to craft a comprehensive climate policy due to conflicts with national interests and fragmented policymaking institutions. This paper argues that this...