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3つのシナリオ分析の結果から、本分析で置いた前提の範囲内では、1)実潮流に基づく送電系統運用の導入、2) 火力発電の調整力の活用、3)揚水式、非揚水式のうち調整池式及び貯水池式の水力発電の調整力の活用を行うことで、陸上風力を12GW(2018年度の6倍...

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  • 全国ETSの構築は2017年12月から開始し、2018年3月に中央省庁の再編により担当部署の変更及び2020年の新型コロナウイルス流行の影響も受けて、当初の計画より約1年遅れるが、概ね順調に進められている。
  • 2020年末に全国ETSの法的基盤である「炭素排出割当量取引管理弁法(試行版)」が公布され、2021年2月1日から施行された。同時に、制度初期段階の対象とする発電部門の重点排出事業者及びその排出割当量の設定・配分方法が確定した。今後、発電部門の排出割当量の予備配分を行い...
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ADBI Working Paper Series

Adopted in 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were intended to motivate governments and the international community to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. However, most countries are not on pace to achieve the SDGs. The economic and human toll of the...

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This report presents the challenges faced and opportunities revealed through a study of two cases of source-segregated waste collection by local authorities in Sri Lanka; Moratuwa Municipal Council, in Colombo, and Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha, in Monaragala for the purpose of raising planning and decision making capacities not only in Sri Lanka but...

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Survey Questionnaire: Traditional and Emerging Values and Practices anchoring Sustainable/Low-carbon Development in Asia

Midori, Aoyagi-Usui
Kolopaking, Lala M.
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In 2009, President Barack Obama and a majority Democratic 111th Congress came to office in a favorable position to enact federal climate legislation. But less than two years later prospects for passing that legislation dimmed considerably. Most explanations for this turn of events fault 1) institutional rules requiring bills receive a 60-vote supra...

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Over the past five years, China has adopted increasingly ambitious reforms aimed at mitigating its greenhouse gases (GHGs). These reforms stand in sharp contrast to the view that China would struggle to craft a comprehensive climate policy due to conflicts with national interests and fragmented policymaking institutions. This paper argues that this...