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An analysis was carried out on local and national political factors that corroborated the adoption and diffusion of environmental practices at city level via Asian intercity networks as a part of a series of studies on international intercity network programmes for the environment in Asia. This paper focuses on how participating cities in...

National Constraints and Opportunities for Addressing Regional Air Pollution Issues in selected East Asian Countries

International Forum for Sustainable Asia and Pacific (ISAP 2010): Expert Workshop on Strengthening International Cooperation on Management of Regional Air Quality in East Asia
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The 2009 edition of "Top News on the Environment in Asia" highlights three areas of significance for Asia under the section headings Global Warming, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Consumption and Production, and reports the important developments of 2009 as selected, for their own countries and for the region, by environment experts from...
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「2009年アジアの環境重大ニュース」では、アジアにおける重要な環境トピックである「地球温暖化」、「生物多様性」、「持続可能な生産と消費」の3つに焦点を当て、国際機関とアジア太平洋地域23ヶ国の環境専門家が選んだ自国や地域内における2009年の重大ニュースを掲載している。Remarks:English version is available at:
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In Sustainability in food and water: an Asian perspective
Burning is the most simple and cheap method for small-scale farmers to manage plant residue. This practice does prvide immediate benefits to farmers, but the wider immediate and long-term negative impacts are much larger. The objective of this study is to elaborate an alternative model for environmental and economically sound plant residue...