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Policy Report

The Forest Conservation Project is researching forest certification as an instrument to assist communities to manage forests for multiple purposes, including timber production. This research has focused on innovative models that could suggest ways of increasing the accessibility of forest certification to community-based forest management. The...

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PR, Newsletter or Other

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has been releasing a collection of the top news items on the environment in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1998. This has been with the aim of collecting and organising information about environmental issues and policy trends in the region, and to report on how the region addresses...

Conference Proceeding

Recently global environmental issues, in particular climate change, have been gaining so much attention worldwide that they have become the main issues at the G8 summit conferences. In the light of economic development and population growth, greenhouse gas emissions look set to increase in the region headed by China and India. Overcoming serious...

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