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Working Paper
Manish Kumar Shrivastava
・ Synergising PAT with International mechanisms is expected to face methodological challenges and raise concerns about double counting. ・ Stakeholders observe possibility of stringent MRV measures if linked with international mechanisms. ・ PAT scheme may make necessary methodological adjustments and procedural modifications to fit into...
Conference Proceeding
4th International Conference on Climate Change
R. Kotru, ICIMOD
D. Mohan, TERI
N. Heider, BCAS
The study on adaptation effectiveness indicators has been carried out by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with national partners such as BCAS, ICIMOD and TERI in the Gangetic basin with the Strategic Environment Research fund of the Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan (S8). The study follows the...
Policy Brief
Policy Report
Chau Kim Heng
Uch Rithy
Sam Phalla
This report describes and analyses the current situation of urban organic waste management in Cambodia through field surveys and interviews. The authors introduce various organic waste utilisation technologies that implemented in neighbouring and other developing Asian countries to assist technology selection. In addition, the authors provide...