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Conference Proceeding

Since the significance of "Sustainable Consumption and Production" was recognized anew at WSSD in 2002, the society has been seeking ways for establishing socio-economic system which can lessen environmental load through the collaboration between consumers and corporations. The International Symposium "Towards Sustainable Lifestyle and Business...

Conference Proceeding



Conference Proceeding
International Experts Meeting on Illegal Logging

The International Experts Meeting on Illegal Logging “Possible Way Forward towards More Sustainable Forest Management” took place in Tokyo, Japan, on 5-6 March 2007. The Meeting was hosted by Japan with participation of 55 senior level experts on the illegal logging issue. Participating countries were 17 major timber producing and timber consuming...

Conference Proceeding
International Symposium "Towards a Sustainable Asia" -Today's Decisions for Tomorrow's Generations-

IGES は、アジアの環境問題の現状と提言をまとめたIGES 白書「持続可能なアジア: 2005 年以降の展望―革新的政策を目指して」(日本語版)の刊行を記念して、2006 年7 月1 日に国際シンポジウム「持続可能なアジア - 未来の世代に向けた選択 - 」を横浜シンポジア(横浜市)で開催した。本書はその開催報告書である。

On 1 July 2006, IGES held an international symposium entitled "Towards a Sustainable Asia - Today's Decisions for Tomorrow's Generations" at the Yokohama Symposia (Yokohama City). It was...