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Peer-reviewed Article
In Energy Policy

An online social survey was conducted to reveal household electricity-saving behaviour and its relationship with participation in social group activities, as well as face-to-face and online social interactions, i.e. information sources used and information dissemination through personal networks, in a disaster-affected region of Kanagawa, Japan...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental Science & Policy

This study uses an experimental social survey in two large Japanese cities to explore
citizens’ attitudes toward international voluntary carbon offsetting that encourages low
carbon development in developing countries. In particular, the study focuses on whether
the offsetting is a contribution to meet national target of greenhouse gas (GHG)...

Working Paper

政府のエネルギー・環境会議が9月14日に決定した革新的エネルギー・環境戦略(以下「エネ環戦略」という)について、長期的な低炭素社会および資源循環型社会の実現の観点から政府試算の前提条件のうち3つの想定に関し再検討を行い、2030年における追加的な節エネ・温室効果ガス(GHG)排出削減の可能性について独自に検証した。その結果、一次エネルギー消費に関しては、「エネ環戦略」想定に比べ2.5%以上追加的に節約できることが示唆された。GHG排出に関しては、「エネ環戦略」において「2013 年から 2020 年まで1990年比で年間3.5 %分の森林吸収量の確保を目指す」とあることも考慮すると、国内努力のみで2030年に1990年比マイナス30%程度の排出削減は十分に合理性を持つことが示唆された。

Policy Report

This report was developed as part of a series of three research publications on the research project led by UNU-IAS and IGES on monitoring and evaluation of education for sustainable development, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. This report specifically focuses on the assessment of ESD learning performance. The information contained here...