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Non Peer-reviewed Article


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Policy Brief

Solid waste management is a common, as well as a primary, environmental concern for many cities in developing countries. Despite the fact, Surabaya City, the second largest city in Indonesia with a population of three million, has successfully reduced its waste generation by more than 20% over a short period of time. The city has intensively...

Discussion Paper


This paper was revised and the new title is 'Practical guide for improved organic waste management: climate benefits through the 3Rs in developing Asian countries'. The authors recommend readers to follow the revised version that has corrected proof and updating data on waste generation and national policies relevant with waste management...

Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program, Nagoy University, Nagoya, Japan. 16 November 2009

The presentation was aimed at improving the understanding of post-graduate and doctoral students, enrolled in Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program, on climate change mitigation and adaptation circumstances of developing countries with specific focus on Asia and Pacific region. Though developing countries (represented as G77+China)...

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PR, Newsletter or Other

-IGES Launches "ISAP", a New Forum to Create Synergy for Sustainability in the Asia-Pacific
-Policy Dialogues on the Post-2012 Climate Regime in China and India
-Regional Workshop on Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC)
-MoU for Sino-Japanese Cooperative Activities on CDM
-Inaugural Meeting of the International Research Network for Low...