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In Asia, private sector has been the engine of much of recent economic growth, while its regional growth has kept the entire world growing. However, this expansion also came with a cost of environmental sustainability that starts shaking the development process itself. Increasing awareness and growing public concerns about the negative...

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Asian Perspectives on a Future Climate Regime

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In 2005, IGES launched the consultation "The Asia-Pacific Consultations on Climate Regime Beyond 2012" to promote new and constructive thinking in the Asia-Pacific region on future actions against climate change beyond 2012, and to contribute to the shaping of a future climate regime that adequately reflects the concerns and developmental...

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Recent catastrophic events, such as Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Hurricane Katrina in the United States and tropical storm Damrey in northern Vietnam, received great attention in the public media due to their extensive human and infrastructure-related losses. While such events cannot be attributed solely to climate change, the Third Assessment...

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