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Research Report

A Comparative Study on the Environmental Impact of Korea-Japan Free Trade: IGES/NIES/KEI Joint Research Project Report

Kang, Sang In
Kim, Jae Joon
Research Report
IRES Vol.5 No.1
After seven years since the Kyoto meeting, this special issue of IRES surveys the various effects of the Kyoto Protocol at the national, regional and global levels to ascertain the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol as well as its major issues and barriers and to offer alternative options for future frameworks. EDITORS NOTE http://enviroscope.iges...
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The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are highly vulnerable to climate change and sea- level rise and often experience extremely damaging climate-related events (tropical cyclones, droughts, floods, etc.). Their heavy reliance on the productivity of one or two economic sectors (fisheries, tourism, etc.) that are highly sensitive to climate and...
Research Report
This book is a compilation of the results of strategic policy research carried out by the Forest Conservation Project of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), between 1998 and 2002. The project's main purpose is to shed light on measures to conserve biodiversity and use forests sustainably, particularly in the Asia-Pacific...
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Research Report
Vol. 3: People and Forest-Policy and Local Reality in Southeast Asia, the Russian Far East, and Japan Inoue, M., Isozaki, H. (Eds.), 2004. 114,95 € Vol. 2: Environment in the 21st Century and New Development Patterns Matsushita, K. (Ed.), 2001. 82,95 €