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Analysing sustainable pathways and carbon reduction trajectories based on SSPs in Los Angeles to achieve a carbon neutral andsustainable city (Phase 1: SSP narratives)

Under the Paris Agreement, which was adopted in 2015, Los Angeles has been strongly motivated to be a global leader by creating an achievable climate action plan and sustainable solutions. To meet its goals, the city has developed L.A.’ s Green New Deal, which is an expanded version of the first Sustainable City pLAn developed in 2015. This Green...
Using “the sharing paradigm” as a guiding concept, this book demonstrates that “sharing” has much greater potential to make rural society resilient, sustainable and inclusive through enriching all four sharing dimensions: informal, mediated, communal and commercial sharing. The chapters are divided into two parts, one that focuses on case studies...
10th International Conference on Industrial Ecology
In this presentation, the characteristics of different consumer segments and their carbon footprints will be examined based on the analysis of consumer expenditure and time-use survey data. It utilises anonymised survey microdata and carbon intensity from existing EEIOA databases and focuses on in-depth analysis of the relationships between...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Remote Sensing
With the advent of high-spatial resolution (HSR) satellite imagery, urban land use/land cover (LULC) mapping has become one of the most popular applications in remote sensing. Due to the importance of context information (e.g., size/shape/texture) for classifying urban LULC features, Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) techniques are...
Climate Change Symposium: Changing By Degrees Multidisciplinary Approaches to Climate Change
Household consumption in the United States has significant impacts on climate change through the consumption of food, mobility, housing, consumer goods, leisure, and others. Consumer lifestyles and their climate change impacts vary significantly across consumer segments due to their household characteristics, and how they spend money and time. In...
Technical Report
This report demonstrates that changes in consumption patterns and dominant lifestyles are a critical and integral part of the solutions package to addressing climate change. The report fills a gap in the existing research by establishing global targets for lifestyle carbon footprints, examining current consumption patterns and their impacts on...
Conference Proceeding
IGES関西研究センターのプロジェクトリーダーである神戸大学教授の國部克彦氏による基調講演では、環境会計が環境マネジメントだけではなく企業経営全般にとって重要であることが明示された。 日本政府による2つの取り組みが、日本企業の行動の変化に大きな影響を与えている。まず、環境省(MOE)の環境会計ガイドラインは、企業が環境報告書を通じて、環境会計情報の第三者への開示を増やすことを意図したものである。環境省による取り組みの一方で、経済産業省(METI)も取り組みを開始している。経済産業省による取り組みの結果として、さまざまな環境管理会計手法が開発された。これらの手法の中で、特にマテリアルフローコスト会計(MFCA)が将来的に有望な手法であると考えられている。...