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The 13th Biennial International Conference on Ecobalance (Ecobalance 2018)
This poster presentation received The People's Choice Award at the 13th Biennial International Conference on Ecobalance, 9-12 Oct. 2018, Tokyo, Japan. The poster was selected among over 90 posters by the votes of the participants. The Paris Agreement envisions a net negative carbon society by the second half of the century. Existing studies on...
Commentary (Op. Ed)
This commentary summarises the key findings and implications of the study on Lifestyle Carbon Footprints: Long-term targets and case studies of the carbon footprints of household consumption. This study introduces and develops an approach to establishing lifestyle carbon footprints: greenhouse gases directly emitted during and indirectly induced by...
Policy Report
This report presents an overview of policies and initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production advanced by the governments of the pan-European region. Although not pretending to present an exhaustive overview of those policies and initiatives, the report was developed based on literature review as well as on the results of a pilot...
PR, Newsletter or Other
This brochure of the Japan-France Collaboration on Climate Change and Long-Term Low Carbon Strategies gives an overview of the activities undertaken in 2017-2018 under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) and the French Ministry of Ecological and Social Transition (METS). Signed by both Ministers for...
Commissioned Report

平成29年度パリ協定の実施に向けた 詳細ルールの検討・情報整理等業務

Commissioned Report
Across the world, the rate of urbanization is increasing at a rapid pace. As the areas in which the majority of people live and work, cities are increasingly acknowledged as the arena in which solutions to major societal and environmental challenges must be implemented. This rapid change has put many cities under significant strain. Local...
Policy Report
Conference Proceeding
IGES関西研究センターのプロジェクトリーダーである神戸大学教授の國部克彦氏による基調講演では、環境会計が環境マネジメントだけではなく企業経営全般にとって重要であることが明示された。 日本政府による2つの取り組みが、日本企業の行動の変化に大きな影響を与えている。まず、環境省(MOE)の環境会計ガイドラインは、企業が環境報告書を通じて、環境会計情報の第三者への開示を増やすことを意図したものである。環境省による取り組みの一方で、経済産業省(METI)も取り組みを開始している。経済産業省による取り組みの結果として、さまざまな環境管理会計手法が開発された。これらの手法の中で、特にマテリアルフローコスト会計(MFCA)が将来的に有望な手法であると考えられている。...