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In Report on International Seminar on Financial Mechanisms for Environmental Protection: China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development: The First Task Force Meeting for "Financial Mechanisms for Environmental Protection"
Conference Proceeding

IGES Climate Policy Project has organized a series of international workshops to facilitate
in-depth analysis and discussion on climate change issues with the focus on the Asia pacific
region. The workshops has been jointly organized with UNEP Collaboration Center of Energy
and Environment (UCCEE), Denmark, Energy Research Institute(ERI) of China...

Policy Report

The goal of the Forest Conservation Project is to develop strategies for desirable forest conservation and sustainable forest management. Although many approaches should be taken into consideration to achieve this goal, the project has set a precise objective for its second phase of research (April 2001 to March 2004): to propose concrete measures...

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概観:2001 年アジア太平洋地域の環境に関する動向と課題 8

[アジア太平洋地域]ティム・ハイアム(国連環境計画アジア太平洋地域事務所(UNEP/ROAP ))80KB 12
1. 持続可能な開発のための世界サミットに向けてのアジア太平洋地域プラットフォーム(綱領)
2. アジア太平洋地域市民社会のWSSD に対する展望
3. 環境法や条約に関する地域キャパシティーの強化
4. 日本企業によるUNEP の環境教育、認識、訓練に関する活動への支援
5. 産業界の能力開発向上とネットワーク化

レスター・R ・ブラウン(地球政策研究所(EPI )) 18
1. 中国の将来を脅かす黄塵地帯


Conference Proceeding
Peer-reviewed Article
In International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 3 Number 1(Summer 2002)
Wang Shijie
Dianfa Zhang
Li Ruiling

The development of rocky desertification, the main form of land desertification in the karst mountain areas of southwest China, is accelerating and has become one of the most serious environmental, social, and economic problems facing the province of Guizhou, especially. The problem is mainly the result of interactions between human activities...