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Peer-reviewed Article
In Resources, Conservation and Recycling
There is limited knowledge on the potential impacts of electric vehicle (EV) deployment in developing countries to date. India is a rapidly industrializing country with a national policy to promote EVs, but does not have the waste management infrastructure to process battery waste. Through a model analysis for India, we projected that the sale of...
Policy Brief
T7 Policy Brief: T7 Task Force on Climate and Environment
G7 leaders have already accepted many important concepts related to the environment and sustainability. The G7 agreed to “protect our planet by supporting a green revolution that creates jobs” in 2021 at the Cornwall Summit. H owever, the challenge is that the G7 has mostly issued general statements of principle rather than committed to concrete...
Discussion Paper
Intensifying ecological crises, such as climate change, the melting Arctic, and uncontrolled destruction of habitat and biodiversity, are increasingly exposing the shortcomings of resource-intensive development models. One of the concepts helping policymakers steer a course change is sustainable consumption production and consumption (SCP). A...
世界各国が本気で取り組む「温室効果ガス排出削減」 本当に達成できるの?そもそも必要あるの?専門家に徹底取材! ○2021年はカーボンニュートラル元年! ○世の中の取り組み、再生エネルギーや企業や個人の行動に注目が集まっている! ○本書では、「脱炭素とは何か」を脱炭素に向けどのような立場の人がどのように関わっているかについてマンガで解説します。 ○地球環境戦略研究機関(IGES)、WWF、電力会社、ハウスメーカー、など、 さまざまな立場の人に話を聞いていきます。 ○具体的な取り組みを紹介していくことで、SDGsの最重要課題が、サクッとわかります。 内容説明 いま、世界が一丸となって取り組んでいるテーマが脱炭素。地球温暖化を防ぐために、二酸化炭素の排出量を減らすこと...
Policy Report
Starting in August 2019, the SWITCH Asia SCP Facility has provided technical support to Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) for development of the National Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production (2021.2030) (NAP on SCP). The SCP Facility established a team of international and national experts to conduct an assessment on...
Working Paper
While the initial pieces of evidence indicate that COVID-19 induced economic slowdown and lockdown present short-term benefits to air quality and the environment, these also pose a double-edged challenge in the long-term. On one side, the slowing down of the economy can have an adverse impact on countries’ ongoing efforts towards climate mitigation...
Policy Report
This report presents an overview of policies and initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production advanced by the governments of the African region. Although not pretending to present an exhaustive overview, the report was developed based on a broad literature review, including key reports produced by the UN Economic Commission for...
Peer-reviewed Article
In 環境経済政策研究
第五次環境基本計画は,環境・経済・社会問題が相互に連関しているという認識のもと,それを解決するために,持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)およびパリ協定の採択という時代の転換点を契機とする新たな文明社会へのパラダイムシフトを要請している.本稿は,このようなパラダイムシフトにつながる政策として,第五次環境基本計画の重点戦略を支える「地球温暖化対策計画」(2016年5 月13 日閣議決定)の長期目標である2050 年までに80%の温室効果ガス(GHG)の排出削減を達成することを目的とした本格的な炭素税導入を核としたグリーン税制改革を取り上げ,グリーン税制改革によって豊かな暮らしを維持すると同時に大幅なGHG 排出削減を達成することが可能であることを示した.
Policy Report
This report looks at national policies and initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production in Asia, without pretending to offer an exhaustive inventory of such policies and initiatives. It was developed based on literature review, integrating information collected through key regional projects such as SWITCH Asia and SwitchMed. The...