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Second International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science
The framework of “Just Transition” is important to implement policies towards decarbonisation of power sectors (DPS) in Japan. Using the existing DPS scenarios and employment factors for the power sectors based on an extended input-output tables, this study analysed “Just Transition” issues, along with three further aspects: distributional justice...
Role of information platform for integrated lake basin management (ILBM) in Asia: Lessons and pathways for SDGs
ILBM is an approach for achieving sustainable management of lakes and reservoirs through gradual, continuous and holistic improvement of basin governance, including sustained efforts for integration of institutional responsibilities, policy directions, stakeholder participation, scientific and traditional knowledge, technological possibilities, and...
Inception Workshop of the Project on Low Carbon and Resilient Urban Food Systems
This presentation outlines the application of the ecological debt index (EDI) concept to assess urban households from the point of urban food systems. The concept is being developed for application in a UNEP 10FYP project being implemented in India in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA). The EDI enables users to assess...
The 12th Policy Consultation Forum of Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth
The presentation discussed importance of nexus approach for sustainable use of environmental resources. Taking the case of India, it presented how current sectoral approach approaches creates trade-off. It also suggested solutions to minimize trade-off and capture multiple benefits across the water energy and food nexus.
The 5th Asian Energy Modelling Workshop on "Achieving a Sustainable 2050: Insights from energy system modelling"
This presentation introduced the Integrated Green Economy Modelling (IGEM) Framework and its application to modelling a carbon tax in Mexico. The presentation was based on the project of the development of an integrated green economy modelling framework led by the UN Environment, in collaboration with four modelling experts, namely Dr. Xin Zhou...
Workshop on “Harnessing of Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Making Path of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Country Actions”
In the first part, the author provided a background on the newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nation General Assembly on 25th September 2015, along with a set of 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon referred as a universal, integrated and...

Groundwater irrigation for climate-proof agriculture in Lao PDR: How the country could benefit from international experiences?

ILO's Workshop on the Future of Work Initiative: Transformations Affecting the Labor Market in Indonesia
IGES was commissioned by the Indonesia Country Office of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to conduct a project titled "Assessment of the Labour Market Implications of Indonesia's Nationally Determined Contributions", under the ILO's Green Jobs - INDC Assessment Project. Under its...