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Contributing Papers for the 2019 Global Assessment Report
Karen G.
Groundwater is a de-facto source of water during drought and emergencies. In a broader perspective, the traditional short-term strategy of using groundwater to combat water deficits during drought needs revisiting. The objective of this paper is to examine the relevance and options for developing and adopting such groundwater-based natural...
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In Lampung Post
The published article is basically the author's opinion related to the current unprecedented event of severe urban flood that happened in Metro City, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Based on urban planning perspective, an analysis on the comprehensive problems focusing on urban drainage system and a view on possible solutions for the city government...
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Integrated Assessment of Sustainable Development in Asia: Water, Energy and Food Nexus

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韓国の環境政策 -岐路に立つ「低炭素グリーン成長」路線-

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