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Policy Report
Negombo City is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. It is the major commercial and transport centre, and main health service provider for the region. However, municipal solid waste management is a pressing concern for Negombo due to expanding urbanization, increasing income, lack of public awareness, changes in consumption...
Closing Event of JICA Partnership Programe on Solid Waste Management Project for Promoting Segregation and Recycling in Da Nang CityClosing Event of JICA Partnership Programe on Solid Waste Management Project for Promoting Segregation and Recycling in Da
Lessons learnt from the JICA 3R Partnership Project was presneted. Also, the possible ideas for the next phase of the project was presented.
Expert group meeting on establishing the ASEAN Resources Panel
As a follow-up to the 30th Meeting of ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment last July, UNSCAP and ASEAN organized Expert Group Meeting on establishing the ASEAN Resources Panel on 18-19 December, at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. The recommendation to establish this panel has been featured in the report “Complementarities...
Commentary (Op. Ed)
Submission to Policy Process
Mao Kol Mardi
Navuth Sam
Kim Vathanak Thida
Keo Channarith
Nodira Akhmedkhodjaeva
Rithy Uch
Phlla Sam
Lara Grosso
Seng Bunrith
Just like in any city, the waste management has always been a major societal issue for Phnom Penh. The monthly amount of disposed waste at the landfill more than doubled in the past decade owing to factors such as population growth, economic growth, changes in industrial structure and of people’s lifestyle. While Phnom Penh Capital Administration...
2019年末にマドリッドで開催されたCOP25においても、気候資金を如何に動員するかという議論が行われた。特に民間資金の規模の拡大は重要なテーマとなっている。この観点から、本資料では、金融界は2℃目標に向かってどう動いているかという観点から情報を整理している。 まずは、COP25において気候資金に関してどのような国際交渉が行われているかを整理している。つぎに、グローバルな投資家が気候変動のリスクや機会を踏まえてどのような対応をはかっているかについて具体的な事例を紹介している。目を日本国内の金融界に目を転じ、(1)日本企業による「気候変動関連財務情報開示タスクフォース(TCFD) 提言」への対応、(2)日本においてESG推進役となっている年金積立管理運用独立行政法人の対応、(3...
Sea of Solutions 2019
To be successful, solutions to marine plastic pollution must take into consideration institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks at international, regional and local levels. Consideration of these frameworks is not relevant to governments only. To be fully effective, they must be embraced and leveraged also by development actors, private...
Peer-reviewed Article
In sustainability
Hadi Pandyaswargo
Due to its ability to recover both material and energy from organic waste, biogas technology is considered one of the best technology for treating organic waste. While in many emerging Asian countries more than 50% of municipal waste is organic waste, the amount of organic waste treated with biogas technology remains very limited. This study...
Discussion Paper
Sustainable Lifestyles Policy and Practice: Challenges and Way Forward provides an overview of the current (2019) situation for sustainable lifestyles globally. It includes 32 case studies from around the world, showing on-going efforts to support the transition to sustainable ways of living. The key messages of the publication are: There are...