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Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Cleaner Production
This study measures industrial energy saving activities (ESAs) in the Republic of Korea and identifies their determinant factors by a questionnaire survey to the energy-intensive companies. More than 90% of the samples have practiced the institutional and managerial ESAs, requiring relatively lower costs and efforts. Although the companies have...
Conference Paper

Carbon Prices Affordable for the Companies in Northeast Asia – with the Republic of Korea and China as the Cases

The Korean Association of Public Finance
Peer-reviewed Article
In Waste Management & Research
Shabbir H Gheewala
Sébastien Bonnet
At present, there are many environmental, economic and social problems associated with poor municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Thailand. The development of sustainable solid waste management systems is a crucial aspect and should be based on an integrated approach. Therefore, an integrated system was designed for Nonthaburi Municipality...