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Issue Brief

This IGES Issue Brief is an update of policy developments related to sustainable finance in Japan between March 2021 and May 2021.

March to May was a busy period for Japan’s sustainable finance policy, as several key outputs likely to shape Japan’s sustainable finance were issued. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Financial...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy

Ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns is an important task for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12 by 2030. To facilitate international and domestic collaboration toward regional SCP, we developed a collaborative workshop method to generate and structure ideas about consumption and production (CP) patterns and...

Issue Brief

This IGES Issue Brief is an update of policy developments related to sustainable finance in Japan between December 2020 and February 2021. Section 1 provides highlights of sustainable finance policy developments in Japan. Section 2 provides policy developments and relevant sources at a glance and in chronological order. Section 3 provides a...

Policy Report
Joseph Edward Alegado
Jose Miguel Aliño
Stephen Cheuk Fai Chow
Ma. Brida Lea Diola
Lea Gurrero
Von Hernandez
Yuichi Ishimura
Effie Kim
Doun Moon
Mitsu Okuno
Gemma Pelogio
Peixun Pey
Tiara Samson
Satyarupa Shekhar Swain
Maria Antonia Tanchuling,
Vu Duc Canh

Plastic is ubiquitous: we use it for life-saving medical devices, clothing, toys and cosmetics; we use it in agriculture and industry. But we also know the growing risk of plastic waste in the environment, landfills and the oceans. 

For example, the amount of plastic that some fulmars accumulate in their stomachs during their lives is...

Non Peer-reviewed Article
In 木材情報

近年、非持続可能な消費と生産による気候危機などの地球規模の環境問題への対応策として持続可能な木材の需要が増している。このニーズに対し、木材輸入国側が違法伐採対策として実施する合法性確認アプローチはどのように貢献できるだろうか。本稿は、この問いについて検討するために、パプアニューギニア(PNG)の天然林の伐採とタイの地域住民林業について報告する。PNGは熱帯広葉樹丸太の最大の供給国であり、輸出を目的とした丸太生産が林業の基盤となっている。一方でタイでは、地域住民林業によるゴムノキやユーカリ植林木が主要な木材供給源であり、加工製品の輸出が盛んである。これら2 国の伐採制度を概観し、持続可能性確保のために合法性確認アプローチを進めるには、何に注意を払うべきなのか...

Commissioned Report



Submission to Policy Process

Plastics are part of everyday life for most of the people in the world and it is also used extensively in the industry. Globally about 368 million tonnes are produced annually where Asia accounts for more than half of the global plastic production. Sri Lanka currently imports virgin plastic raw materials for varying applications which amounts to...