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Policy Report
Asian cities have faced problems caused by rapid urbanization for decades. While urbanization can bring economic development to the cities, it also produces decrease of natural resources or environmental deterioration. From the perspective of fresh water related issues, Asian cities are suffering from scarcity of water resources and water...
Discussion Paper
Heru Sutomo
Fajar Saumatmaji
Restu Novitarini Djarwoningrum
Jakarta, Indonesian capital with population of around 7.5 millions (Statistics Jakarta, 2004) is striving with transport and environmental problems. World Bank ranked Jakarta as the third most polluted city, not to mention the serious congestion takes place everyday. The dominating private motorcars including motorcycles is evident. Road public...
Report Chapter
In Air Pollution Control in the Transportation Sector: Third Phase Research Report of the Urban Environmental Management Project
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is commonly understood to mean a system that emphasises priority for and rapid movement of buses by securing segregated busways, although there is no precise definition of what constitutes a BRT system (International Energy Agency (IEA) 2002; Wright 2005). From an environmental perspective, BRTs have the potential to reduce...