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Peer-reviewed Article
In Energy Economics
This paper studies the effect of carbon emission trading schemes in China and identifies the factors that influence companies' willingness to pay for carbon emissions, as expressed by the increase in energy costs due to the national carbon market. A questionnaire with a multiple-bounded discrete choice format was designed and 555 valid samples were...
Working Paper
IGES Working Paper
本稿では、2009年以降における中国排出量取引制度の発展について振り返り、今後の展開について整理したものであり、1.制度導入の背景および国内政策としての位置づけ、2.パイロットETSの現状、3.今後の展望、の3つ内容に分けられている。  1.制度導入の背景および国内政策としての位置づけ、においては、中国パイロットETSの始動から国家ETS導入までの歴史的政策文書を精査し、胡錦涛政権と習近平政権における政策論的位置づけについて整理した。  2.パイロットETSの現状、においては、(1)制度開始に向けたプロセス、法的根拠、(2)パイロットETSの基本情報、(3)対象業種、線引き基準、(4)割当方法論の概要(2省5市)(5)MRV の仕組み、の5つの内容を中心に...
Data or Tool
The Climate Policy and Market Mechanism Status Report aims at providing updated information on the status of national climate policy and market mechanisms in the selected countries. A particular focus is set on mechanisms such as the CDM, national ETS and the JCM. Countries covered: Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Lao PDR, Mongolia...
Data or Tool
The fact sheets aim at providing updated information on the status of national climate policy and market mechanisms including the CDM, GHG emissions and NAMAs for Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. In Japanese. 各国の気候変動政策及び市場メカニズム(CDM、温室効果ガス排出量及び国内における適切な緩和行動(NAMAs)...
Commissioned Report
Ministry of Environment of Japan - Commissioned Report
This draft report documents progress made on the “Low Carbon Technology Transfer Preparedness Database Project”, supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan in FY 2014. The report’s key focus lies on documenting subnational data gaps, sources and access issues whilst also describing contributions made to international processes on data and...
Data or Tool
The Sustainable Cities Database is a new information resource to help sustainable development actors identify potential partner cities for low-carbon technology transfer projects. Spatial and Demographic Indicators: Spatial and demographic characteristics are described using a range of indicators, including population size and density, natural...