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Discussion Paper
As Myanmar attracts investment and improves its economic prospects, green growth has moved steadily up the policy agenda. The heightened importance of green growth is visible in high-level political statements as well as policy and institutional reforms that could translate those words into action (i.e. Environmental Conservation Law 2012). Yet...

Whither energy security: Ensuring a safe, green and efficient power sector in Thailand

International Symposium on a Sustainable Future-2013 (ISSF-2013)
Non Peer-reviewed Article


In 環境研究 特集:地球環境資金問題
14th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation. 17-19 October 2013, Kyoto.
Environmental taxes primarily aim to improve environmental efficiency of the economy. Internalisation of environmental externalities is the core of environmental economics and it is understandable that most environmental tax discussion including green fiscal reform discussion has focused on the environmental efficiency improvement effect...


Shonan Village Academia “Cafe Integral “ 19 October 2013, Hayama