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Peer-reviewed Article
In Korean Society
This research paper investigates the question of how governmental capacities can be better enacted to promote Sustainable Consumption under the Low Carbon Green Growth strategy in the Republic of Korea. It examines the strategies of the national government towards sustainability in 2010-2011 based on its Green Growth focus. The findings demonstrate...
Book Chapter

한국의 생태 담론과 실천

In 환경운동과 생활세계 Korean Environmental Sociology II
This chapter explores political implication of ecological concerns and practices in Korea.
Book Chapter

녹색소비, 지속가능소비, 지속가능한 생활

In 환경운동과 생활세계 Korean Environmental Sociology II
The chapter explains practices of sustainable lifestyle for sustainable development.

ESD Learning Performance Framework: Investigating the Key Factors in Effective Educational/Learning Practice and Outcomes for Sustainable Development Using Good Practice Cases from the Regional Centres of Expertise on ESD in East and Southeast Asia

Remarks:6th RCE Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. Kitakyushu, Japan 20-22 October 2013.
Issue Brief
This issue brief argues that an ambitious goal on education will be essential to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and should address not only the need for universal education, but also substantially aim to improve overall efficacy of education through a qualitative turn in framing education to provide sustainable well-being...

Innovative approaches to Sustainable Consumption

Technical workshop on Sustainable Consumption policies for Asia Taking Action towards Sustainable Consumption: Switching back to Asia’s roots