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Discussion Paper
Muhammad Luthfi Eko
Following up the Presidential Regulation 61/2011 and 71/2011, Semarang City as one of the cities in Indonesia has a liability in the GHG reduction activities. This research on the low carbon society (LCS) scenario for Semarang City are carried out aiming to contribu-tion to promoting climate change actions and policies in the city. This study is...
Commissioned Report
急速な人口増加と都市化に伴い交通渋滞、廃棄物処理、大気・水質汚染など様々な環境問題が顕在化している。また、地球温暖化の影響に伴い、世界各地の都市で局地的な豪雨や洪水、渇水・土砂災害などが頻発化している。また、都市は世界のCO2排出量の70%以上を占めると推定されており、アジアは2050年までに世界のエネルギー消費量およびCO2排出量の50%を占めると予測されていることから、アジアの都市の持続可能で低炭素な開発は世界的な課題になりつつある。 環境省では、この状況に鑑み、途上国の脱炭素化を展開・推進するために、都市間連携に基づく低炭素都市づくりを支援している。「低炭素社会実現のための都市間連携事業」は、効果的かつ効率的に低炭素都市になるために、途上国の都市が...
Commissioned Report
Alongside the accelerated growth in populations and urbanisation in Asia are the growing problems of road traffic, solid waste,s and air and water pollution. Torrential rains, flooding, landslides and droughts are intensifying, all of which are considered impacts of global warming. Present estimates show that cities count for more than 70% of...
Commissioned Report
2050 年までに温室効果ガスの排出を世界で半減させるためには、経済成長が著しいアジアにおいて、持続可能な低炭素社会の構築に向けた動きを加速させることが必要である。近年、経済成長著しいアジアの都市では、急激な都市化により、資源やエネルギー消費量が増大し、交通量増加に伴う交通渋滞が頻発しており、生活や経済活動に伴う廃棄物、排水、排ガス、温室効果ガス(GHG)等の排出量が増加するなど、住民の生活環境の悪化を招いている。これらの都市の経済成長を維持しながら快適な生活環境を守っていくには、効率的な資源循環や省エネ施策を推進し、環境負荷を最小限に留める持続可能な都市形成にシフトしていかなければならない。 我が国は、開発途上国においてこのような取組を支援すべく、GHG...
Commissioned Report
Commissioned Report
Under the CCAC Waste Initiative, Cebu City, Philippines undertook a Rapid City Assessment and Action Plan development with the technical assistance of IGES. The work plans for the actions identified in the city action plan were developed and include: 1. Work plan for the implementation of waste separation at source and collection. 2. Work plan for...
Commissioned Report
Under the CCAC Waste initiative Surabaya, Indonesia undertook a rapid city assessment with the technical assistance of IGES in 2014. The outcomes of the assessment highlighted various issues in the city. In order to deepen understanding of Surabaya City‘s issues, a study has been undertaken to develop a work plan towards improving Surabaya City’s...
Peer-reviewed Article
In MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology
Due to ever increasing demand, the electronics industry has been growing at a rapid pace, and therefore handling and management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has become one of the key problems in the modern world. Improper handling and management of WEEE in developing countries can cause a huge environmental damage and threats...
8th LCS-RNet Annual Meeting
In Parallel Session 3.4: sustainable production and consumption as core fields of transition at 8th LCS-R Net Annual Meeting in Wuppertal, Germany, Yasuhiko Hotta made a presentation titled "Sustainable production and consumption in low carbon communities – an Asian perspective".
Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS)
Industrialized economies have been locked-into fossil fuel based energy systems through a path dependent process driven by technological and institutional increasing returns to scale. Indonesia which is experiencing rapid economic expansion, however, could choose not to repeat the same path by adopting precautionary actions that would divert the...