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Joni Jupesta
There have been growing concerns over the protective measures needed, particularly with respect to energy and infrastructure systems within cities that are also experiencing mounting risks and exposure levels. In order to avoid risks and damage, and to strengthen resilience to natural disasters, national and local governments need to be prepared...
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Climate Edge
Remarks:「クライメート・エッジ」は、気候変動問題を巡る国際交渉の動向や研究成果等、最新の情報を紹介し、官公庁、研究者・学会、マスコミ向けに発行しているIGES気候変動とエネルギー領域のニュースレターです。 気候変動対策の国際交渉や研究に関する旬な話題、日本国内やアジア各国の気候変動およびエネルギー政策の制度設計や将来への展望についてのエッジをきかせた提言、アジア地域を含む主要国の気候変動およびエネルギー政策に関する最新の動きや専門家からの特別寄稿も織り込んでいます。

Can a low carbon energy transition be sustained in post-Fukushima, Japan?: assessing the varying impacts of exogenous shocks across time, space and user groups

Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS)
James E. Monogan III

Energy and climate change issues in Japan since the Fukushima nuclear accident

Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Baltimore/Washington Chapter

Driving factors to reduce CO2 emissions: In case of Japanese industries

Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)