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Discussion Paper

Energy Efficient Operation of Induction Melting Furnaces: Insights from Field Studies

Sekimoto Kazuya, (former) IGES Fellow
Girish Shethi, TERI senior fellow
Prosanto Pal, TERI senior fellow
Data or Tool

The Sustainable Cities Database is a new information resource to help sustainable development actors identify potential partner cities for low-carbon technology transfer projects.

Spatial and Demographic Indicators: Spatial and demographic characteristics are described using a range of indicators, including population size and density, natural...


Background presentation on potential of transfer and application of low carbon technologies from Japan to India: Assessment and Matchmaking

Workshop on promoting the transfer of energy efficient industrial technologies from Japan to India

Promoting Energy Efficient Japanese Technologies in Indian industry: IGES-Shakti-TERI’s activities and way forward


Application of heat pump technologies in Indian industries – potential and TERI’s experience

Ananda Mohan Ghosh, TERI fellow
Commissioned Report
Ministry of Environment of Japan - Commissioned Report

This draft report documents progress made on the “Low Carbon Technology Transfer Preparedness Database Project”, supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan in FY 2014. The report’s key focus lies on documenting subnational data gaps, sources and access issues whilst also describing contributions made to international processes on data and...