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Discussion Paper


Discussion Paper

This report introduces factsheets on 11 different indicators for monitoring 3R and waste management policy implementation.

The report is based on a research project of the Asia Resource Circulation Policy Research Group, coordinated by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and funded by the FY 2012 and FY 2013 Asia Resource Circulation...

Discussion Paper

Th is report was developed by Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan) and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) with updated case studies as an English-language version of the Japanese report “Yori sukunai shigen de yori yutakana kurashi wo (A Richer Life with Fewer Resources),” published by FoE Japan in March 2013.
This report...

Discussion Paper
Case study prepared for the OECD

The paper was prepared as a case study for OECD for designing updated guiding principles for EPR design and implementation. The paper was a background paper for Global Forum on Environment: Promoting Sustainable Materials Management through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) held in June 2014.