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ISIE 2015, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK; July 7th to 10th

Considering continuous economic growth in the region, developing Asian countries will face difficulty to maintain the existing recycling system, which relies on market-based transactions and a largely informal recycling market. Asian countries have started working on 3R related policy development and establishing a related institutional framework...

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On 11th of March 2014, fourteen participants gathered for a one-day intensive web-based workshop on Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles (SL) in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The workshop was originally intended to be a two-day workshop to be held in Bangkok; however, due to the political situation...

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The Southeast Asia Reporting and Capacity Building Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Education for Sustainable Development was jointly organised by UNU-IAS, IGES, and UNESCO. The workshop was held on the 23-24 April 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The concept for the workshop is as follows:
The United Nations University Institute of Advanced...