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Japan’s recent policy response to critical materials issues

5th Meeting of OECD Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste
Commissioned Report

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development. Policies and Activities for Policy Dialogue between the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan and the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Research Report Commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan
Issue Brief
Sylvia Lorek
The overall objective of the REDUCTIONS project is to identify the potential for absolute resource and energy use reduction in production-consumption systems at all levels and to explore ways to realise this potential. The project has the ambition to generate knowledge-for-action and aims to propose science-based policies and strategies with a high...

Linking Quality Education and Education for Sustainable Development for Effective Learning Performance

9th Global RCE (Regional Centres of Expertise) Conference, Okayama City, Japan. 4-7 November 2014
第 30 回 OECC 海外環境協力セミナー MDGsから SDGsへ (ポスト 2015 に向けた環境・開発・援助を巡る国際議論の動向)
2012年に開催された国連持続可能な開発会議(RIO+20)において、「持続可能な消費と生産(SCP)に関する10年枠組み(SCP 10YFP)」がSCPおよび資源効率に向けた国際協力の枠組みとして採択されました。また、SCPは、SDGsに関する国際的な議論でも、重要なゴールの一つとして提案されています。当研究所はSCPをSDGsに位置づける議論をリードする役割を果たしてきており、これを踏まえて、SCPのSDGsでの位置づけや欧州での関連動向などを紹介します。

Environmental Education: Japan Case

Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) Steering Committee Meeting/ 43rd NAAEE (North American Association of Environmental Education) Conference; Ottawa, Canada. 8 October 2014.