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In GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific
• The emergence of multiple global environmental goals clearly signals a need to reverse the trend of deteriorating environmental conditions across the region. Despite some deficiencies, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been successful in showing the effectiveness of a goal-based approach to problem solving. • New or revised agreements...
Reporting Session for JCM Feasibility Studies in FY2015 in Bogor Indonesia on Feb. 22 2016
Background The Energy Law No. 30/2007 section Energy Conservation (Article 25) stipulates that energy conservation is the responsibility of all energy users including the Government, the regional government, business entities, and the community. As a derivative regulation of the Energy Law, on 16 November 2009, the Government Regulation No. 70/2009...
International Symposium on Eco City Bogor on March 17th 2016
Many countries have become locked into fossil-fuel dependent energy systems. A rapidly developing Indonesia could follow a similar path. A cost-effective option for diverging from this path is energy conservation. Significant savings can be achieved in the residential sector by changing energy user behaviors; or increasing energy efficiencies in...
Commissioned Report

平成27年度「アジア太平洋3R白書」作成に係る基礎調査業務報告書 別添資料 Country Reports集

Commissioned Report

Feasibility Study on FY2015 Large Scale JCM Project for Realizing Low-Carbon Development in Asia

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