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Background presentation on the assessment of the Potential application of Japanese low carbon technologies in Bangladesh

Workshop on low carbon technology assessment (TA) in Bangladesh

Background presentation on potential of transfer and application of low carbon technologies from Japan to India: Assessment and Matchmaking

Workshop on promoting the transfer of energy efficient industrial technologies from Japan to India
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公益財団法人地球環境戦略研究機関 IGES 関西研究センター -研究事業説明-


From Technical Assistance to financeable initiatives

CTCN Regional Forum:Regional Networking Meeting for National Designated Entities
Commissioned Report

The Feasibility Study toward Eco-island between Kien Giang Province and Kobe City, Vietnam

Commissioned Report

Nghiên cứu tính khả thi dự án đảo sinh thái “Đảo Phú Quốc” theo quan hệ hợp tác giữa tỉnh Kiên Giang và thành phố Kobe

Commissioned Report

タイ国 スワンナプーム国際空港地域冷房プラント及びコージェネプラントに対するJCM大規模エネルギー起源二酸化炭素削減技術導入調査

Fujiwara Makoto, IGES Fellow