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Climate Change Symposium: Changing By Degrees Multidisciplinary Approaches to Climate Change
Household consumption in the United States has significant impacts on climate change through the consumption of food, mobility, housing, consumer goods, leisure, and others. Consumer lifestyles and their climate change impacts vary significantly across consumer segments due to their household characteristics, and how they spend money and time. In...
Inception Workshop of the Project on Low Carbon and Resilient Urban Food Systems
This presentation outlines the application of the ecological debt index (EDI) concept to assess urban households from the point of urban food systems. The concept is being developed for application in a UNEP 10FYP project being implemented in India in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA). The EDI enables users to assess...
World Sustainable Development Summit, India, 2018
This document is a presentation given at one of the Thematic Tracks at the World Sustainable Development Summit, held annually by TERI, India. It introduced IGES-TERI efforts to promote environmentally sound technologies and best practices in India under IGES-TERI initiative Japan-India Technology Matchmaking Platform (JITMAP).
Workshop on the Green Technology Transfer Platform
The document is a presentation given at a workshop organized on 22 January by The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), Szentendre, Hungary. It gives insights on how stakeholders' matchmaking could be an innovative business model to promote green technology transfer.
GCF Capacity-Building Workshop and Expert-led Exchange
The presentation was given at a training program organized by Green Climate Fund (GCF) on 6-8 December 2017, Holiday Inn, Songdo, South Korea. The training was designed to assist the Country Programming Division (CPD) of the GCF to deepen their understanding of the strategies and approaches to enhance the engagement of countries, entities, and...
The presentation was given at a follow-up workshop on accelerating renewable energy deployment in SIDS, held in Fiji on 13-15 Dec. 2017. It highlighted the key outcomes of the training program on the similar topic held in Japan on Oct. 2017
Training of Trainer Programme
The presentation was presented at a training program on Japanese low carbon technologies and best practices which was held on 27 Sep.January 2017, Pune, India. It highlighted IGES-TERI efforts to promote LCT deployment in India with special emphasis on their efforts to initiate Japan-India Technology Matchmaking platform (JITMAP)