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Non Peer-reviewed Article

This article was originally published in KOSMOS 7 (2020), a publication of the Expo '90 Foundation.
This article discusses the need to redesign society to realise transformative change and to reconsider the relationship between humans and nature, which is considered to be a root cause of the pandemic of COVID-19. The Triple R Framework proposed by...

Fact Sheet

This publication illustrates the recent development of local adaptation policies in Japan. Based on the Climate Change Adaptation Act in 2018, local governments are encouraged to develop measures for climate change at prefectural and/or municipality levels such as local adaptation policies and  local adaptation centers. This factsheet overviews...

Commentary (Op. Ed)




Commentary (Op. Ed)



Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

The paper narrates a pilot study to understand disaster preparedness among foreign residents living in Japan, using typhoon Hagibis as a reference. We empirically evaluated an individual disaster preparedness framework following the 72-h golden rule of disaster survival. The framework consisted of 14 variables, and responses were collected over a...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

世界経済フォーラムは経済、政治、学術界など各界を代表するリーダーが集まり地球規模の課題の解決を目指す国際機関である。活動の1つとして、様々なレポートや白書を発行しているが、そのひとつに”Global Risks Report”(グローバルリスク報告書)がある。経済界を中心に各種業界からリスク分析の専門家が集まり、人類にとって現在、また近い未来に脅威となりうる多種多様なリスクを検討し、それらの格付けや対策をとりまとめ、無償で公開している。本稿では、そのグローバルリスク報告書を異常気象や気候変動といった環境問題の観点から読み解くことで、ビジネスにもたらされるリスクとチャンスに着目した。

Peer-reviewed Article
In APN Science Bulletin

NON-ECONOMIC LOSS AND DAMAGE (NELD) could constitute a major proportion of the total loss and damage caused by any climate-related disasters. Despite this, most NELD has not been well measured and reported in most post-disaster reports and databases and has often not been given the attention it deserves in most disaster risk assessments and risk...

Peer-reviewed Article
In 環境科学会誌

Although greenery in urban areas has many functions, such as mitigation of the urban heat island effect, and reduction of rainfall-induced surface runoff, it is difficult to secure the space required to plant trees in cities, which are crowded with buildings. Therefore, rooftop greening has attracted attention and many cities are adopting and...

Evidence for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Effectiveness of Insurance: Challenges and Opportunities

The presentation talks about the current state of crop insurance in Japan and presents the preliminary findings from the community consultations carried out to assess the barriers in implementing crop insurance in Japan. The presentation concludes the following: Farmers have reported the net benefit from crop insurance in questionnaire surveys...

Commissioned Report
Jay Cummins, IAFD
Ashley Lipman, IAFD
Heather Feetham, IAFD

Three focus group workshops were conducted in June 2014 across Australia, in order to assess farmer attitude to managing risk on-farm, and the role of current insurance products for agriculture. The focus group workshop research proved to be a worthwhile exercise in firstly engaging with farmers and exploring their ideas and attitudes towards risk...