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Contributing Papers for the 2019 Global Assessment Report
Karen G.
Groundwater is a de-facto source of water during drought and emergencies. In a broader perspective, the traditional short-term strategy of using groundwater to combat water deficits during drought needs revisiting. The objective of this paper is to examine the relevance and options for developing and adopting such groundwater-based natural...
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The Paris Agreement calls for an acceleration of support to developing countries to develop their national adaptation plans (NAPs) and integrate climate change adaptation into development policies. Eleven out of 14 surveyed countries already have their own NAPs or equivalent, and NAP preparation is underway in the remaining three countries. However...
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The focus of disaster risk reduction has changed from response-based approaches to pre-disaster preparedness, mitigation and risk reduction approaches over the course of the last 25 years. However, the progress of this transition in focus has been slowed by a narrow perspective on risk reduction, which is yet to be fully mainstreamed into climate...
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Financial inclusion, which aims to provide appropriate financial services to disadvantaged and economically marginalised segments of society, contributes to both sustainable development and climate change adaptation. The creation of enabling regulatory frameworks, guidelines and supportive infrastructure by governments is key to the further...
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IGES Briefing Notes on the Post-2012 Climate Regime
This Briefing Notes suggests that adaptation costs are going to be huge in Asia as elsewhere. Hence, a mix of pubic and private funding is to be promoted in the future climate regime. The negotiations should aim at achieving additional and sustainable finances for adaptation with developing countries having larger stakes in its management and...